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tremulous adj : (of the voice) quivering as from weakness or fear; "the old lady's quavering voice"; "spoke timidly in a tremulous voice" [syn: quavering]

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From tremere. Compare with Greek sc=Grek.


  • /ˈtrɛmjuləs/


trembling or shaking
  • Finnish: tärisevä, vapiseva
  • German: zitternd
  • Greek: τρέμουλος
  • Spanish: trémulo
timid or unconfident
  • Finnish: epävarma, hermostunut
  • German: ängstlich, furchtsam

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Tremulous is a free and open source team-based first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements. It was released on March 31, 2006. The game features two teams, humans and aliens, each having to build and protect a base. Victory is achieved by destruction of enemy base and eliminating all members of enemy team. The game has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and was voted Player's Choice Standalone Game of the Year in Mod Database's Mod of the Year 2006 competition.


Tremulous is a first-person shooter with elements of real time strategy, featuring two teams - humans and aliens. Players must build and protect a base which is essential for their survival. Game features working buildable structures which provides various functions, most importantly being spawning. The base is also used as a secure location to heal and replenish ammunition for humans. The team wins the game by destroying enemy spawn points and eliminating all members of enemy team.
During a match, most players engage in fighting the enemy, while others are responsible for base maintenance and construction of new structures. In order the defeat the enemy, humans utilize various weapons, armor and other upgrades. Aliens may evolve into more powerful classes. Each alien class possesses unique abilities.
The teams do not have access to all possible upgrades and buildings at the beginning of the game. Each team must accrue a number of kills in order to advance to the next developmental stage. The point at which a stage change occurs varies dynamically depending on the number of players on each team. Each new stage brings more upgrades for the humans and more classes for the aliens.
In addition to requiring a certain stage, each human item or alien class must be purchased using currency earned in game. Alien currency are called evolution points. The Humans gain credits. Players earn currency by killing enemies or by destroying key enemy structures. Amount of received currency depends on how upgraded the opponent was (or which structure was destroyed) and relative amount of damage done by player. Players are also rewarded by currency by simply staying alive for certain amount of time (to encourage builders, who naturally don't engage in combat).
Builders are responsible for construction of new buildings and base maintenance. Each building takes up a certain number of build points available to each team. Number of build points number generally depends on played map but can vary from server to server. The total build points available limits how large bases can become. To reduce possibility of match ending with tie (both surviving teams), most games enter a sudden death mode ten to fifteen minutes before the draw/tie time limit. This is a period when all build points are taken away, effectively disabling the ability to build all buildings or a subset of them.


The alien base is centered around a building called the "Overmind", a type of main hub, and they spawn from Eggs. Aliens evolve into a new form in order to upgrade their abilities, most of which only have melee attacks.


Humans utilize various weapons, armors and other high-tech equipment as a means to augment their combat abilities. They are primarily suited for ranged fighting and need a strong, defensible base in order to survive. They can save up to 2000 "credits" for purchasing upgrades at the armory, which range from 70 to 600 credits in price.


Tremulous's development commenced in early 2000 as a modification for the commercial computer game Quake III Arena. The game-play is generally inspired by the Quake II modification Gloom, although they share no content. . Version 1.0.0 was released on August 11th 2005. Because it was released after most other Quake III Arena mods, it was initially overlooked by many.
Though Tremulous features a similar theme and game-play to Natural Selection, it is not based on it, nor inspired by it. Development on the game began "long before NS was in the public domain" players playing at any one time, up to a maximum of about 600. 1.1.0 has now been downloaded over 800,000 times from Tremulous' official download site, ( Moreover, multiple websites have mentioned or reviewed the game which further increased Tremulouss publicity and its number of players.
Tremulous later came in first in a "Best free game based on GPL Quake source?" poll on the PlanetQuake website. At the beginning of 2007, Tremulous also took first place in the Mod Database "Mod of the Year" 2006 competition under the category of "Player's Choice Standalone Game of the Year" as well as honorable mentions in "Genre Award: Action" and "Editor's Choice Standalone Game of the Year". Tremulous was also mentioned in Games for Windows: 101 Free Games Issue for 2007, Games for Windows formerly being Computer Gaming World.


Quake 3 engine has good support for modding and this feature is inherently available in Tremulous. In addition, code for Tremulous is available for public. For these reasons, a modding community has developed around the game.
Notable game modifications include:
  • Balance: attempts to balance strength of human and alien team. Mods add new weapons, a new alien class and abilities.
  • Relics: Adds special items to game, called relics, which, when picked up, provide various special powers such as regeneration, affect gravity, etc
  • Domination: Teams gain more building points (and thus gain more strength) by having control of various domination points on the map. This mod aims to eliminate camping.


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